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Internationalization through e-Commerce at YellowCube

Oftringen, Yellow Cube PostLogistics LogistikzentrumNetComm Suisse is the first and only Swiss association of e-commerce, founded with the aim to promote the services and support the interests of the most important companies in the sector. NetComm Suisse contributes to the knowledge and diffusion of electronic commerce, its services and its technologies, creating initiatives aimed at consumers and operators. Among the objectives of the association there is that of eliminating the barriers that limit the development of the sector, and implementing communication projects for the logistic supply chain and distribution, and promoting digital culture towards businesses and customers. The association also undertakes activities in regulation and lobbying working with national and international institutions, in order to create clear standards and regulations; prerequisite for growth in the sector.View archive

Start-up Accelerator meets HEG

Fribourg, Auditorium 0.026 Haute école de gestion FribourgWe warmly invite you to attend our after-work conference 'Start-up Accelerator meets HEG' with Robin Cornelius (Found of Switcher SA) and Amir Eldad (Director of Global Partnerships of MassChallenge Boston). Take the opportunity and discover everything worth knowing about the best start-up accelerator program worldwide.View archive

Successful Entrepreneurs Evening - 15.01.2015

Fribourg, Auditoire E. Gremaud - Ecole d’ingénieurs et d’architectes de FribourgWe are offering to you the opportunity to attend our after-work conference 'successful-entrepreneurs' featuring Jean-Claude Biver (President of the board of Swiss luxury watch manufactory Hublot and person in charge for LMVH where he is responsible for TAG Heuer and Zenith). During his speech Jean-Claude Biver is going to explain to us what it takes to make his companies successful.View archive

Sport Creates Entrepreneurs

Fribourg, Auditory Joseph Deiss - University of FribourgWe are offering you the opportunity to attend our after-work conference, "successful-leadership", featuring Hans Kossman (former head-coach of Fribourg Gottéron), Gerd Zenhäusern (recently appointed head-coach of Fribourg Gottéron) and Pascal Jenny (ex-professional soccer player). During this event Hans Kossman, Gerd Zenhäusern and Pascal Jenny will disclose and explain to us the key factors needed to build up successful and sustainable leadership.View archive

Social Media at Swisscom

, Haute école de gestion Fribourg - Room to communicateListen to Patrick Moeschler, the Social Media Manager of Swisscom, talking about how important a good use of social content is to be successful. Swisscom is the leading telecomunication company in Switzerland and has had a tremendous success story with its Social Media Strategy.View archive