Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey (SIES) 2010

Rico Baldegger
Hans Baumgartner
Charly Suter
Juan Macavio
Andreas Hungerbühler
Publication Date: 
22. March 2011
The project “Swiss International Entrepreneurship Survey (SIES) 2010” was realized by the School of Business Administration Fribourg in collaboration with Dun&Bradstreet and Credit Suisse and analyzed the internationalization process of Swiss SMEs. In total 625 SMEs from all over Switzerland took part in the survey. Results SIES 2010. The survey revealed a strong relation between the degree of internationalization and the size of a company, which means that an increasing company size correlates positively with intensified international activities. Furthermore, the research findings reveal that SMEs in smaller countries show a higher degree of internationalization, mainly due to a limited domestic market. Key target markets for Swiss SMEs abroad are mainly located within Europe (75%), but also in the far-East with China (27%). However particularly strong cooperation exists between the USA, Germany and China, who act as key partners of Swiss SMEs. Internationalization is further related to a strong increase in sales, job creation, the frequent use of e-commerce and an above average innovation capacity.
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