Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Switzerland (GEM) 2010

Rico Baldegger
Andreas Brülhart
Patrick Schüffel
Thomas Straub
Publication Date: 
5. April 2011
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) is an international research project that was initiated in 1997 by the London Business School (UK) and Babson College (USA). It examines start-up activities in 60 countries worldwide. HEG Fribourg and its Institute for Entrepreneurship and SMEs has been responsible for the execution of GEM in Switzerland since 2009. Besides a telephone survey which was carried out by the Society of Applied Social Research in Bern, many well recognized national experts (36) were interviewed with regard to the situation of entrepreneurship: for example, Doris Albisser (CEO, CLS Communication AG, Zurich), Konrad Hummler (Managing Partner, Wegelin & Co. Private Bankers, St.Gallen), Patrick Aebischer (Professor and President EPFL, Lausanne), Alain Nicod (Managing Partner, venture incubator, Zug), Hansueli Loosli (Chairman, Executive Board, Coop, Basel) and Stephane Garelli (Professor, International Business School, Lausanne).