Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Switzerland (GEM) 2012

Rico J. Baldegger
Andreas A. Brülhart
Siegfried Alberton
Fredrik Hacklin
Publication Date: 
24. May 2013
The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Report 2012 on Switzerland illustrates national differences in entrepreneurial attitudes, activity, and aspirations between economies, revealing the factors that determine the nature and level of national entrepreneurial activity, and identifying policy implications for enhancing entrepreneurship in Switzerland. The GEM data not only complement already existing indicators of competitiveness and innovation, but also allow – as in 2011 – the creation of a new aggregate index, the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Index (GEDI). In the 2012 census, perceived opportunities to start a business were lower in Switzerland than in previous years. Nonetheless, Switzerland ranks above the average of innovation-based countries. What is particularly noticeable is the fact that Fear of Failure has clearly lessened in the past few years, and in 2012 was as low as in the USA. Switzerland has even joined the USA in leading all innovation-based economies.