xRisk - Export Risk Management Guidelines

Prof. Dr. Rico Baldegger, HSW Fribourg
Prof. Dr. Ralph Lehmann, HTW Chur
Prof. Dr. Christian Hauser, HTW Chur
Publication Date: 
30. August 2013
The global financial and economic crisis has made clear to many Swiss SMEs that the risk has increased in the exporting business. Currency losses reduce margins in sales to foreign customers. Economic downturns weaken revenues in foreign markets. Unrest and strikes impede the distribution of products. Foreign competitors copy proprietary technologies. Floods and storms delay transportation. A key feature of internationally experienced companies is that they address a broad range of risk types in their export decision-making. They carefully compare and contrast the opportunities and risks of the export business ventures and base their decisions on up-to-date information. They institutionalise risk management in the company and familiarise their staff with risk potential handling techniques. These guidelines provide a detailed insight into the ways in which internationally experienced companies deal with export risks and act as a tool for SMEs to use for their risk management. Major support for these guidelines was given by the following business partners: Extramet AG, Contrinex AG, Rieter Machine Works Ltd, Switzerland Global Enterprise and PostFinance. We are grateful for the commitment and expertise which they contributed to the project.
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